Frequently Asked Questions

What is a laminated carving

How long does a carving take?
How much does a carving cost?
Will the carving crack?
What do we seal the carving with?
How long will the carving last out side?
Does the price of the carving change if the customer provides the wood?
Does the NWC carry insurance?
Does the NWC travel to do on site stump carvings?
How do I schedule a commision with the NWC? title
Is a deposit necessary?
Does the NWC ship sculptures?
Does the NWC teach carving lessons?
What is best kind of wood to carve?
What brand of saw does the NWC run?
Does the NWC draw a picture to better enlighten the customer of thoughts he has about the composition?
Does the NWC put a guarantee the wood carvings? title