About Us

Chainsaw carving is a legitimate artistic revolution, one that has spread world wide, it is truly an American art form. The rest of the world races to catch up to the blistering pace and creativity shown by American carvers. Among the elite carvers you find in the states many reside in the northwest in dense patches purely because of close proximity to the western cedars that grow in abundance there. However there are others that reside in small towns all over the country, unseen by the masses honing their skill in solitude and relative obscurity. One such Artist resides in the great state of Wisconsin in the sleepy farm community of Oxford… population 583 .

Jeff Mohr lives amongst the salt of the earth farming community but does not use his tractor for plowing fields he uses it for lifting massive logs and finished works of art. Also to load trailers and ship them to happy customers wherever they might be located. Looking at the small yellow farm house and enormous white barn you might expect to see horses corralled, or beef cattle wandering around chewing cud but that is clearly not the scenario at the Mohr residence. Far off the beaten path you will however see amazing sights and glimpses of wonderful creations through the large barn doors late into the night working under lights with due diligence. You might happen by on a Sunday drive to see Jeff creating a 10 foot tall masterpiece, lost in his work. Don’t be surprised if he doesn’t notice you slowing down to watch. His focus is only matched by his drive and passion for his beloved art form.

Jeff was one of seven children and learned early on that if you wanted to be successful you must be willing to go the extra mile, that goes for staying out of trouble as well . As a younger man Jeff was so impressed by his extraordinary Uncle Charles that he crafted the rest of his life to somehow mirror him. Uncle Charles was a very gifted and trained artist of many mediums and disciplines, all though the two only met a handful of times the impact was deep and the a fire was kindled. Those memories were kept intact through all of his teen years and right up until today. Although never receiving any proper Artistic education or schooling he excelled all through high school and was known for his art work. After leaving high school he took a job with a local tree service. This type of work fit him and he was advancing quickly. This is where he learned all about different woods and how to identify them by the bark the smell of the wood itself and the grain and leaf patterns. He took note of how each species would react to saws in winter as opposed to summer. There were many things that he would learn in the tree service that he had no idea would help him in the years that would follow. Chainsaw Maintenance and Safety were top of the list. Being physically and mentally tough would be the his greatest assets in the years to come as well. One doesn’t simply walk up to a massive oak with a few saws and impose their exact will upon it without enduring a lot physical and mental punishment. In 1990 Jeff carved his first carving by a log pile after working a long day at the tree service. It was getting dark and the sky was gray and in a mood to pour at any moment. His very first carving was of a human head about the size of a grapefruit. He was truly astonished that a saw could do such a thing. In 1991 he quit the tree business and decided to forge ahead with his life as an artist and traveling chainsaw carver. Since then he has paid his dues and learned much about the ins and outs of the craft. Jeff has been featured in countless newspaper articles as well as tv special interest stories on local news channels. Never meeting any other carvers for the first 15 years, he thought he was alone in the endeavour…  as silly as that seems now. Over the years his work improved and his clientele grew. Mr Mohr has traveled all over the U.S. and and parts of Canada and has carved alongside the world’s Power carving elite, he is well respected by his peers and is often sought after for his humorous and sagely advice on all things Chainsaw carving. He holds no Power carving titles and does not seek the fame as some others in the business do. His eyes keenly focused on his customer’s dreams and expectations and how he will exceed them. Jeff’s extensive arsenal of saws and other specialised carving tools are the finest made. His belief is that the man makes the tool but if done right the tool can definitely help make the man. His professional opinion is enough for a chainsaw bar company in California to make bars to his specs. He also has other specialised tools he has helped design or inspire over the years. In 2015 he partnered with a Wisconsin manufacturer to design a revolutionary tool that will aid all carvers in the area of texturing and bulk wood reduction on chainsaw carvings. The prototype should be ready in late fall of 2016. With all of the history and lessons learned and advice given and received, after 26 years as an artist with major accomplishments under his belt, he stands a Journeyman in the world of power carving. Jeff Mohr is humbled by all of God’s work and the blessings he has seen fit to lend him. He takes credit for the hard work but gives the glory to the Good Lord.

Tomorrows weather forecast for the sleepy little town of Oxford Wisconsin. Surely there is a 100 % chance it will rain saw dust at the Mohr’s residence.

Pam Mohr, Jeff’s Wisconsin flower.